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PKMNation: Toasted Coconut Vanillite - Coconillite by Wyndbain
PKMNation: Toasted Coconut Vanillite - Coconillite
For :iconpkmnation: Event 1, week three. Design your own rarity vanillite!

I wanted to participate this month eventually to try and get a rarity vanillite, had no idea what they looked like though because I'm a dummy and missed seeing any images of them. Was delighted to find out there were many different "flavors"!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Coconut, so he's toasted coconut. :3 I'M COO COO FOR COCONUTS!! Got some toasted coconut flakes with coconut flavored chocolate truffles(shhhh, they add to the coconut theme!) and a small slice of pineapple(pina colada?) plus some leaves to give him a slight tropical theme. It's sort of tropical looking. Look, he's even got a nice toasty tan!
Loading... <-Another opening! If you sign up and want to put who referred you, my username is the same as on here: Wyndbain. Feel free to also add me as a friend! The sign up window will only be open for certain times from Monday through Tuesday: "Registration will be available at 05:30 Server Time on Monday December 15, and close at 05:30 Server Time on Tuesday, December 16."

Some people may have missed last time or if you were hesitant to join before, I highly recommend it if you like dragons. :3 

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PKMNation Headbutt-payment by Wyndbain
PKMNation Headbutt-payment
Been working on flash game stuff, so I haven't uploaded anything in a while. Can't upload a game when it's not even finished, ya? Would be awesome if I released it before/on Christmas. nn
ANYWAYS, saw a shiny deino for sale in :iconpkmnation:, wanted it, so here is my payment to her trainer.

Dawn Reference Sheet : Learns Headbutt! Also gains 12 levels! (2xfullbody + 2xshading + 2xdetailedBG)
It's that time again! POKEMANYZ!
44 deviants said Treecko
37 deviants said HERD U LIEK MUDKIPZ
34 deviants said Torchic
9 deviants said Mega Slowbro BRAH :iconbrofist-plz:

An Opinion About Chain Messages

Sat Nov 29, 2014, 2:56 PM
Before I begin my rant, hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day! xD Now, onto srs stuffs.

Chain messages/posts/whatever they're called, are exactly like chain letters from back in the day. They're usually some sort of terrifying story that ends in a, "If you don't send this to ten or more people, someone's going to steal your undies." Actually, real chain letters are far more horrible in that they usually state that anyone who ignores them will die, or get maimed or loose a loved one. In recent years they got crafty and some have been altered to be happy and even fun. Such as, "If you send this to lots of your friends, you'll get a hug." Or meet your true love, or get kissed by your crush, etc. etc. I didn't know they existed on dA until I made my first flash game, because the popular thing to do with chain messages, I've seen, is that they state at the end, "Post this to (quantity) other GAMES and something will happen."

Games, meaning, flash games. >:I Although some lesser intelligent folks have accidentally posted to my main gallery or flash tutorial(which is not a game, the dummies). I just want to let everyone know that I DO NOT TOLERATE THESE IN THE SLIGHTEST. You may think, how can I hate even then ones that say, "Make a wish! Post this on 5 other games, then look at your hand." Because IT'S SPAM. It's a copied and pasted message that makes someone believe something will happen; but at the end of the day, it just destroys a person's hopes because once they've been posted to however many games it states to post with, NOTHING happens and all we're left with are a collection of empty messages that are nothing but SPAM. With several flash games in my gallery I used to get too many of these things to deal with. They would outnumber the amount of actual comments and feedback that people had and became tiresome. These chain messages are one of the main reasons I've disabled comments permanently on all of my old makers. The way I handle these now is to block the people that post them as soon as I can and then hide their comments, because when I didn't block them they would go on to ALL MY OTHER STUFF and post them there as well.

Recently I saw someone post a chain message and then go on to make another comment that they loved my games. It was a bit of a conflict, because of how I handle the spam but this was also someone who appreciates my work. So this is a warning for all folks that watch me, that if you post these you will be blocked from commenting.

I also want to state that I've seen those really long messages that are usually artful and beautiful and then say at the end, "Send this to 10 of your friends, if you don't get one back, then you're not a very good friend." Or your "friendship level" or whatever is ranked higher depending on how many masses of friends you send the message to or if you don't send it at all you're the worst friend ever. These messages piss me off worse than the others. I'm not mad at the sender, since they aren't(I hope) the one who created it. The fact that it implies that I'm not a good friend because I don't COPY AND PASTE a generic message onto my friend's profile is a horrible and disgusting thought to me. My REAL friends would never nor have ever sent me one, because when they want to communicate with me they actually THINK and type out a meaningful, "'Sup bitch, play GW tonight." when they contact me. I find these sometimes WORSE than the ones that state that a family member or even the recipient of the message will die if they don't send them to a certain amount of people. Chain messages, whether they flourish themselves in fake promises of kisses and money or threaten that horrors upon horrors will haunt anyone that ignores them, are equally and all disgusting filth that need to rot in the primordial sludge that they wormed their way out of.

I understand that, for the ones that are threatening, people can be afraid of them. Fear of death through a supernatural means can be very powerful against some folks. BUT, Considering how many I have gotten and IGNORED over YEARS, shows how much power a chain message actually has. Which is none. Zip, zero, zilch. Of all the messages I have received, I've NEVER posted one back. The irony of these terrible messages is THEY ARE THE ONES THAT DIE, if YOU ignore them. >:I Jack or the ring girl or whatever supernatural thing these terrible chain messages hijack and DISRESPECT MAN, can go kiss a creeper(the minecraft kind) Cause no fartz are given here and I hope others can realize this too. All chain messages suck and are horrible, horrible lies.

tl;dr- If you post chain messages on my stuff, you get instantly banned. >:I

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