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Activity <=Click that, register and if you want to put who referred you, my username is the same as here: Wyndbain. o3o Feel free to add me as a friend! The registration window is only open for today and tomorrow(18th), so don't hesitate to sign up! Your dragons won't die if you leave them alone, so you can sign up and have it if you're too busy to get distracted at the moment. xD

I almost forgot they were having another registration window and figured some people watch me for dragons(I'm super sorry I don't draw them very often guys. nn; I STILL LURVE THEM ) and might enjoy the site. It's an adorable/awesome dragon pet sim site where you can raise, breed and battle dragons and also dress them up. You lika mah maker games? o3o You'll love the dress-up options they have then, it's very awesome. Your first dragon is the ONLY dragon you are able to customize the colors on, however, so pick wisely! I was a total noob when I signed up and hate my progen's colors now. >:I (but I put a skin on her and she looks fancy now, cause you can do that).

-Here's your first tip! Dragons with two colors that are the same, like say, having a Primary and Secondary of Ice and Ice, with a tertiary color that is different are called XXY and are slightly more desirable since they're not as common, unless you've got a good breeding pair. XXY's aren't rare however, but if you're picking your first dragon's colors, consider what his/her kids may look like if you want to breed. ._.  Though there's always the scatterscroll option, if you don't like a dragon's colors. :B

-Also, if you ever find any unhatched eggs, they always hatch into what is called a "Gen One" dragon, which is a dragon with no parents. Even if the dragon is ugly colors, it may be worth some decent coin, since some people collect Gen Ones and prefer them over dragons with lineage. You could also just not hatch it and sell the egg for about 60-70k easy. : P While gen one dragons could range from 10,000 - ONE MILLION treasure, depending on their color combinations. YOU NEVER KNOW!
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PKMNation - Clutch: I hop u liek feebaz by Wyndbain
PKMNation - Clutch: I hop u liek feebaz
For members of :iconpkmnation: only.

My failed attempt to get a rarity charmander through breeding. xD

-Feel free to add/change eye colors.
-I will put pokemon on hold up to a week.

Paopu by KuroleopardPKMNation - Selene by Wyndbain

Fullbody+Shading+SimpleBG= 5 Levels for all babies.

Bullet; Pink Clutch A Bullet; Pink -Pink Clutch
Base Attack - 22

1A - Feebas - Male
TAKEN by Xxcandywater-fallsxX

2A - Feebas - Female
ON HOLD for TheMidnightMage - 15 Points or 5 levels

3A - Feebas - Male
TAKEN by HeadlessEffigy

4A - Feebas - Male
OPEN - 15 Points or 5 levels

5A - Charmander- Male
OPEN - 25 Points or 9 levels

6A - Charmander- Male
OPEN - 25 Points or 9 levels

7A - Charmander - Female
TAKEN by xFoxlanx

Bullet; Blue Clutch B Bullet; Blue -Blue Clutch
Base Attack - 22

1B - Charmander - Female
OPEN - 25 Points or 9 levels

2B - Feebas - Female
OPEN - 15 Points or 5 Levels

3B - Feebas - Female
TAKEN by WhatHappensToABook

4B - Feebas - Male
OPEN - 15 Points or 5 levels

5B - Feebas - Male
OPEN - 15 Points or 5 levels
PKMNation - Flint(and steel) by Wyndbain
PKMNation - Flint(and steel)
I used a Type Injector on Flint and made him a fire/steel type. nn I was originally going to make him fire/dragon, but realized that Mega Charizard X(my favorite one) is fire/dragon, so it would have disappeared if he ever mega evolved in the future. :I I thought about electric, but then I thought Flint....STEEL YEA. SO CLEAVARVER.

Pokemon: Charmander
Name: Flint
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
ID#: 4978
Hatch Date: 3/23/14


Level: 18
Started Base Attack: 22
Current Base Attack: 25


Level Up Log: 
New Reference Image: 4 levels
Old Reference Sheet: PKMNation - Flint : 4 levels
Clutch Image: : 2 levels
PKMNation - SO MANY PUNS : 8 Levels



Clutches: N/A
PKMNation - SO MANY PUNS by Wyndbain
A quick image for PKMNation/Halloween. CORNelius is dressed as candy CORN. I know, I know, terribly CORNY of me. Oh gad, it hurts so much, but I can't stop...

To add more terror to the night, Flint is dressed most likely guessed it...Flint...He likes minecraft too much... :I I am so getting egged for this....

Flint and Cornelius gain:
Full Body(Does it count when they're in those ridiculous costumes?)=2lvls, Shading=2lvls, Detailed BG=2lvls, Event Bonus=2lvls(almost forgot these) Total = 8 Levels. It was originally going to be a simple bg, but I just kept adding layerrrss. Dx
PKMNation - Corn Evolves by Wyndbain
PKMNation - Corn Evolves
Apparently when pokemon evolve, the sky evolves clouds too.
Warp poke-volve.

Cornelius gains: Full Bodyx4=8lvls, Shadingx4=8lvls, Detailed BGx4=8lvls. Total=24 Levels.


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Carasume Featured By Owner 1 day ago
thankies for the llama! I love chuuu~!!!! :iconrubcheeksplz:
DeathwingDarbla24 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Can I post the dragons I made using your creator? I'll to leave a link to the game.
Pikakittygurl5465 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
You are amazing!
Umbreon SHINY dance 
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I have to ask... what's an Arcan?
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Been using your creators for as long as I can remember
They're amazing.
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Thanks for the Llama Badge!
It was probably the most random thing I have ever received, but coming from you, it felt really important!
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Hey here's an Idea~
You should make a pokemon maker~
Wyndbain Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Not likely in the near future. nn; I have many other maker projects lined up, since there are certainly no shortage of ideas.

I'm afraid my zorua dressup will be the only one for a long, looooooooong while.
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