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WCS Round 1: Wyndbain by Wyndbain
WCS Round 1: Wyndbain
Selene shapes and molds her aqua ring to capture just the right light, mimicking the rarest of gifts for such a special occasion. It's a blue garnet birthstone! It symbolizes true friendship and trust.

I didn't want to use a cake, because I figured most people already would(not that that's a bad thing! When you think Birthdays, most immediate thoughts are CAKE!). So I did some research to find something related to birthday celebrations that wasn't as common, but not completely obscure as not to be known, and work it into Selene's move set. I don't actually know if birthstones are well-known though. Am I just nerdy for them? n_n; I can't believe I had to go to wikipedia before thinking of the idea, as I used to be OBSESSED with birthstones! Their meanings, colors, history, etc. In recent years, I've nearly forgotten they existed, even though I'm currently WEARING earrings that have my birthstone in them! My mother even gave me my old birthstone bear after recently cleaning my brother's room. THE SIGNS WERE HITTING ME IN THE FACE.

:iconpkmnation: was founded in January of last year, so the group's birthstone is a Garnet stone!(sounds like a pokemon item xD ) It most commonly comes in a reddish-brown hue, but is naturally found in all colors; the rarest being blue garnet. Since aqua ring is normally blue, Selene's garnet is also blue, but it appears to have caught a bit of red coloration from the stage, hmm? ;3

Once again I have a tendency to upload these things late at night, but with my paranoia I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight without getting it into the group before tomorrow, lawl.

Selene gains 5 levels!

And a Happy New Year, too.

Wed Dec 24, 2014, 10:02 PM

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: The music in my head.
PKMNation: Toasted Coconut Vanillite - Coconillite by Wyndbain
PKMNation: Toasted Coconut Vanillite - Coconillite
For :iconpkmnation: Event 1, week three. Design your own rarity vanillite!

I wanted to participate this month eventually to try and get a rarity vanillite, had no idea what they looked like though because I'm a dummy and missed seeing any images of them. Was delighted to find out there were many different "flavors"!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Coconut, so he's toasted coconut. :3 I'M COO COO FOR COCONUTS!! Got some toasted coconut flakes with coconut flavored chocolate truffles(shhhh, they add to the coconut theme!) and a small slice of pineapple(pina colada?) plus some leaves to give him a slight tropical theme. It's sort of tropical looking. Look, he's even got a nice toasty tan!
Loading... <-Another opening! If you sign up and want to put who referred you, my username is the same as on here: Wyndbain. Feel free to also add me as a friend! The sign up window will only be open for certain times from Monday through Tuesday: "Registration will be available at 05:30 Server Time on Monday December 15, and close at 05:30 Server Time on Tuesday, December 16."

Some people may have missed last time or if you were hesitant to join before, I highly recommend it if you like dragons. :3 

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: The music in my head.
  • Playing: Fallout: New Vegas
  • Drinking: Eggnog
PKMNation Headbutt-payment by Wyndbain
PKMNation Headbutt-payment
Been working on flash game stuff, so I haven't uploaded anything in a while. Can't upload a game when it's not even finished, ya? Would be awesome if I released it before/on Christmas. nn
ANYWAYS, saw a shiny deino for sale in :iconpkmnation:, wanted it, so here is my payment to her trainer.

Dawn Reference Sheet : Learns Headbutt! Also gains 12 levels! (2xfullbody + 2xshading + 2xdetailedBG)

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